Story - ein seltsamer Traum.

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Story - ein seltsamer Traum.

Beitrag von Bloody_Kain »

Moin Leute.
Ich schreibe euch hier mal von einem Traum, den ich Gestern Früh (Freitag 30.10.2015) Morgen zwischen +- 8 Uhr und 12 Uhr hatte.
Die Geschichte ist in Englisch weil ich sie einem bekannten von mir, der aktiver Bronie ist und in Australien wohnt, geschickt hatte... und ja, ich habe es wirklich fast genau so geträumt.
Es dreht sich um My little Pony - Friendship is Magic.
Es werden dort nur Orte genannt, aber kaum Beschreibungen, weshalb nicht MLP Lenner, damit wohl kaum was anfangen können.

Und... nur zur Warnung: Mein Englisch ist noch schlechter als mein Deutsch, wenn es um Rechtschreibung und Gramatik geht. xD

Also, hier die Geschichte:
You know, dreams are strange things, and I'm one of this People that often can't remember my dreams.

And even more rarely, I dream over MLP...

But Today Morning... that was reaaaaly strange.

To start, in the corridor of my little apartment, I have a wardrobe with two big mirror doors.
I dreamed, that one of this has became some sort of a Portal.´

It was night and I was on my way to go to bed.
Powered down my PC, put my curtain before the Entrance to the Corridor (I have no door there, so there is a Curtain), layed down in my Bed and switched the light off.
(Behind my bed is a reading Lamp. It is the last light that goes off every night. ^^ )

I was nearly asleep (What is really strange, dreaming to fall asleep in a dream. xD ) and was woken up again, because of a strange ligt, coming from my Corridor, that disapeared after some Moments.

I heard some sort of moaning, like someone was hurt, so I switched the Light back on, put my glasses back on my nose and took a knife from my Kitchen (one Room Apartmend with Living room Kitchen.)

I put the Curtain away and there she laid: Lady Luna in her Pony Form!

She was hurt, burned and beaten and nearly unconscious.

I brought the Knife back to my Kitchen, then walked back, took her off the floor and to my bed.
I'm not a Doctor and don't knew how to fix a Pony or so. ^^

The only things I had was a salve called Bepanthen (Helps healing bruises and burnings) and some Bandages.

It needed some Time were I watched her, and then she came back to her sense.

First she panicked a little, but I could talk her calm again, and she told me why she was here.

In Equestria, something Evil had happened to Twilight Sparkle. Something possesed her and not even her Friends and the might of the Stones of Harmony could help her.

She transformed to Midnight Sparkle, the Pony Version of the one from the Friendship Games.

She became so Powerful, that not even the Princess Sisters could defeat her.
Her Friends, that tried to protect the Princesses she transformed to stone!
Lady Cadence used her Power, together with the one of her husband, to bring the Crystal Empire under a magical Force shield, to secure the inhabitants and refugees from Equestria before Midnight Sparkles Dark power.

Celestia was Captured and bound to her Throne and Luna was on the run, because her Sister said so. She tried to find help, but no one could help her and after some Time, she run in an Ambush.
She fighted with all she had, but reached the end of her Power. Then she was rescued, not from Ponys, from Griffons or Dragons. It was Discord who helped her.
He was frightened of Twilis dark power too, and he gave Luna the Chance to find Help, in another Dimension. (I don't know if Discord really could do such a thing, but it was a dream, so why not. ^^ )

So she was send threw time, space and Dimension and, I don't know why, landed here in my Apartment.

She searched for help, but there was only me.
What could I do? I'm not a Pony, I'm a Human. I have no Magic in me, and that was what I said her.

But she saw something more in me I think, and used her weak power. She transfered a little bit of her own power to me, a bit that she thought it would help me most, and before I know it, I was send threw a Dimensional Rift, that opened behind me without that I realised it.

I lost consciousness, and as I woke up again, I was total desorientated.
I was on the ground, under me was only dirt and as I looked around it was clear that I wasn't in my save home anymore.
I layed in a crate as if I fell down from the Sky.
I tried to go back to my feat, but I stumbled and as I looked down on my, I wasn't human anymore. I was a Pony!
And not only a Earth Pony, I was more then that... a Male Pegasi? I thought.
I touched my new wings, even if I don't know how to use them. I touched my head... and found there a... Horn?
I was a Alicorn... But I don't know anything of how to use magic ether!

The Body of one of the most mighty Beings in Ponykind, and not only a clue how to use anything of its special Abilitys... what a Joke! ^^

Because I know this and that about MLP (the so called Player Wisdom) I looked first for my Cuty Mark.
It was a rainbow colored Diamond with a black Musical Key in it.

I was Diamond Whistler, the Ponysoma I had thought of some Time ago.
My Furcoat was a silvery grey, with a dark black Mane and more build like Big Macintosh, as like the princesses, but not so strong like he is.

I tried to stand, then to walk and climp out of the Crate.
That wasn't a easy task, but after some Time, I became used to it and looked over the edge. I was on a Field near Sweet Apple Acres... But it wasn't this anymore.
The fields where overgrown with black and dead Plants, the Appletrees was bare. No leafs, no Apples, nothing.
The Farm itself made a sad and rundown impression to me, and as I aproached it and looked down to Ponyvile, it was the same Image.

More important as this was the Sky. A dark Purple with black Cloads that flys in a circle and in the middle lies Canterlot Castle.

Even Twilights own Tree Castle was desolated after I arrived there some Time later.
Only Spike was there, hidden in something, that looked like a secret staircase behind a bookshelf in the Bibliothek, that leeds down to a Place deep under the Castle, where the Keystone of Friendship was resting on a Podest.

I don't know at first, why he accepted me so fast and showed me that chamber, but on the other hand, it was a dream right? ^^

He told me again, what happened and he was sad too. Ponyville was as desolated as sweet apple acres. All Ponys that could flee, had traveled to other Countrys. To the Ponys of the Crystal Empire and even over the Great Sea to the Land of the Zebras.
Only he and their Zebra Friend Zecora lived here anymore, he said.

That made me sad too and I led my head down.

As we arrived in the Room, I saw the five Statues from her friends around the Keystone. Spike had Picked them up and brought them there, in the night after she defeated the Princess Sisters and then flied to her next Destination, to defeat the Changeling Plaque, before Queen Crysalis could make use of the Situation.

In the Keystone was still the Keys, that the Mane six has used to open it, but without them, no one could open it to release it's powers.

I walked over to it and touched with my right fore hoove.
I made a swearing, that I would do all, to bring friendship back to that land and to rescue Twilight Sparkle from her Dark Side.

Then something strange happened. The Keystone lightened up a little, and a warm feeling enveloped me. I saw something, not clear but it gave me a clue, were I should begin with my search.

So my next way leaded me to Zecora. I had to be cautious, so the Guard, that was now under Midnight Sparkles controll and searched the Land for intruders, wasn't found me.
I think she has feeled, that something was off in the near of Ponyville, and send them there to observe.
Spike couldn't come with me, so I had to find my way by myself. Before I gone on my way, I lend me some Stuff. A Sattleback with some Proviant and a Message from Spike for Zecura, and a Cape with hood to hide my wings.
I was near the Everfree Forrest, as they found me, and I had to made a Dash to the Woods.
Only in last second, I dived in the Shadows of the Trees, and they havn't followed me.
The Ponys fear the forrest, even under controll, so I could shake them off.

I searched for some Time, but I couldn't find her Cottage.
But that wasn't necessary, because she found me, short before I steped in a field of poison joke.
(I know, this is from one of the Episodes, but as I said before, it was a dream. ^^ )

I gave her the letter from Spike, and she took me with her.
The next was a whirl, as if Time flys away really fast.
But after some dreamy minutes, I was there again, on my way out of the woods without her, but with the knowledge that I needed.
This Time, I had something that she made extra for me: A stealth cloak, fueled by a Talisman that was part of it.
Everytime I put the Hood on, I became nearly invisible.
It wouldn't work against Midnight Sparkle or a Unicorn with the knowledge, how to detect magical fields, but it would work against the Pegasi Searchpartys.
At this Point I had a Plan, but for this I had to go back to Spike.

There, I asked him about the Mirror, which Twilight used to go to the Human World, and the Book with which she "mailed" with Sunset Shimmer.
He gave me both and I wrote a letter in the book, hoping that it would arrive her and they would be ready.

The next thing I remember was, that I came out of the Portal, and found the... seven Girls before me.
I had many to explain to them, but after that, they agreed to come with me and help, even the human twilight Sparkle. ^^

Naturaly, only me and Sunset Shimmer recovered pretty fast after the transformation back to Ponys... But strange thing was, the others needed only some Minutes to know, how to use the new Bodys!
Fluttershy was a bad Flyer, Rainbow Dash flied in her first try to high and hit the Ciling with her Head.
Applejack had no Problem with her new Body, and Twilight (Unicorn) and Rarity had only a little Problems, in Using theire Magic.
It was as if they had only came Home from a strange Trip, insted of become complete new Beings...

But there the Problems began. Midnight Sparkle had feeled the Power of the Mirror, and more important, the Power that came back threw it.
The old Tree Castle was under Attack, but the Power of the Keystone secured it from her evil new powers.
So we all gone to the secret chamber and I grouped the new Mane six around the Keystone.
But before they could lay hooves on the Keys, a strange thing happened. The Keystone transformed and a seventh Keyhole appeared!
But, what was the Key for this and were?
The six tried, but couldn't open it.
Meanwhile the defence became weaker and weaker and we all don't knew what to do.

In this Moment, Princess Celestias Phoenix Friend (Pet) arrived and brought Sunset Shimmer something. It was something like a Diary from her Days, as she was Celestias personal Student. First she don't know what that has to mean, then her eyes became this Rainbow colored sheme and the Book transformed in the last Key.

In the Moment she put it in, the last magical fields around the castle cracked and disapeared. The Soldier Ponys stormed the Castle and searched us, but couldn't find us.
Only Midnight Sparkle knowed, were to find us, destroyed the Bookshelf with her Powers and flied down to us in High Speed... but she came to late.
In the Moment she arrived, all seven friends layed hooves on the Keys and opened the Keystone.

The Rainbow that cames out of it was so bright, so strong, that I feared to become blind... and then I feeled it's power too! I became a Part of it and I feeled my Cutymark burning!
As the magical light ebbed away, I saw the seven mares in theire transformed rainbow Bodys and even more: I saw that the Stone Statues has become to life again too!

Midnight Sparkle saw this and fled from us, but it was to late.
The Keystone had grant me wisdom, that only Twilight had before and with this Magic Abilitys, that I hadn't before ether.

I teleported out of the Room and standed in the Library, before she came out of the hidden Staircase.
I put a magical Forcefield around her to hold her there and to give the now doubled friends to came after her.

Naturaly, she threw all she had against that shield, but I had not only the Power and whisdom the Keystone gave me, I had the Power that Lady Luna gave me in the Human World too: The Power to make Fantasy true!

So I recalibrated the Shield, to an Antimagic Shield that would deflect any magical Force, she Threw against it, fueled with the Power or Friendship itself!

After some Moments, she understanded what I had done, gave up to break out and started to talk.
She asked me who I was and what I desired. She promised me to make all my wishes come true if I let her out. Her voice was like the one, you would Imagine from a Sucubus.

But the Magic of Friendship prevents me to fall to her promisses and she became furious again.
She insulted me, promised me a horrible Death, called for her Warriors, but no other could hear her... there was no warriors or palace troops in the Library, if I remember correct ether! O.o

The eleven Mares came up the staircase and grouped around us.
I told Midnight Sparkle, that it was over and she would now become her true self again. This was the first Time I saw fear in her Eyes, and she tried harder and harder to come out of my force field, but all she arrived was to hurt herself with her own spells.

As I saw around, I could see that this hurts her Friends too, the true Pony Friends as much as the Ponyfied ones from the Human World.
So I gave Sunset shimmer a sign, and she and Twilight closed theire eyes and concentrated on theire feelings of Friendship.
Short after, all the others cloesed theire eyes too, and then I heard a Song in my own ears.
It was a Song, that I known from a Pokemon Movie.
The Song Oracion:

I closed my eyes too, let my horn boost the song so everyone could hear it and with the power of the song, the power of the magic rised too.
As the Song find its climax, they all released the Power of Friendship on her, even I and she was enveloped in a bright, Rainbow Colored light that becames blending white after some Moments. We all heard a scream of pure Terror, that became Missmatched, as the darkness was banished out of her and as the song endet, the light disapeared.

Before us, on a branded floor lied Princess Twilight Sparkle, weak, pale and without consciousness. We all was near to cheering, as a dark female voice speaked to us.
As we looked up, over us was something like a dark purple and black cloud with green slited eyes, that looked down at us.

Nightmare Moon, I thought and I think I wasn't the only one.

She talked to us, that she will find another host and will come back, to bring all of us down the next Time.

But again, the magic of Friendship gave me the Idea. I summoned a Headbig Diamond from my Cutymark and threw it in the Cloud.
We heard another cry, this time more High and panicked then before and as we looked up, we saw the cloud became smaller and smaller, till it disapeared, and what was left, was that Diamond. The Color had changed to a Dark Purple, and its edges glowed in a nasty poisonous green.
Then the Rainbow Powers from the Ponys disapeared, formed a golden Seal around it, and it disapeared in the ground!
I closed my eyes and saw what became to this special Diamond.
It was sealed in the Keystone, and after it cloesed, the Keys disapeared!
Only seven friends with the Keys, could ever open it again... and what sane Creature would do such a thing? ^^

But my work wasn't done yet.
The doubled friends stand around Twilights nearly lifeless Body and looked sad and with tears in theire eyes down on her.
This Time, I don't knew what to do, because with the closing of the Keystone, Twilights wisdom and Power, has left me.

I saw in the Sky, where in the First Time since her overtake, was the Moon to see again.
I called for Princess Luna and Celestia to help us, and to my Surprise, both of them came, together with Princess Cadance and Shining Armor.
Together with all of them, we concentrate our powers: The Power of Friendship, of Love, sun, moon and my own powers in form of a whistled song, another one of one of the Pokemon Movies. The Song of Lugia:

( Don't know how this songs came to my mind at that moment... )

With the song, the Moon gone down, and the Sun riesed. Our Powers combined and again she was enveloped in it. This Time not in a bright blending light, but in a more gentle one. A pinke one to be true, a light that was warm to feal, comfy and healing.
And as the first Rails of that new Day brushed her Face, she awoke slowly, like from a nasty dream, that tried to hold her back in the dreamworld.
First now I registered, that Spike was there by her side, cuddleing her, with tears in his dragon Eyes, and as she came back to her sense, all around her cried, even me, and soon after, she was huged and cuddled from all of them. Only me and the Princesses stand by the side and looked at the Scene happily.

I trotted over to them and explained what happened before they arrived, and thanked Princess Luna for this chance to help.
Naturaly, they thanked me more then I them and then, I was graped from behind, and tossed in the air from them all...
All cheered with us, and the both Pinkey Pies cried out that this cries to a biiiig Party.
But then Princess Celestia called them do calm down, and meaned, that now that this was over, the ones from the Human world, must left this Realm, because she feared it would have bad consequences, if they stay any longer and so I had to leave too.
That was sad, because I had so many questions, liked to spend more Time with the Girls, all of them and help rebuild Equestria as good as I could.
But she said this wasn't my destiny... or something similar.
I had only Time to turn around and take a last look to them all, before I fell threw the floor...

...and waked up in my bed... and I really waked up!
Es stimmt. Ich wachte danach wirklich auf... also komplett. Ich hatte vorher schon nicht mehr richtig geschlafen, sondern war nur liegen geblieben und hab weiter vor mich hin geträumt. Aber der Traum war so interessant, das ich ihn auf jeden Fall zu Ende träumen wollte.
Und auslangsweise kam keine Türklingel und kein Telefongeläute dazwischen. xD

War seit langem der Detailierteste Traum, den ich hatte und vor allem einer der wenigen, an die ich mich wirklich gut erinnern konnte.
Gut, hier und da musste ich Übergänge in die Geschichte einbinden, denn manche Szenen waren schon etwas Chaotisch... wie das bei Träumen oft so ist.

Aber im Grunde stimmt alles was ich geschrieben habe.

Wie es zu dem Traum gekommen ist, kA. Die einzigen Male wo ich bisher von MLP FiM geträumt habe, war als ich die Fallout Equestria Geschichten gelesen habe, weil da meine Fantasie überstunden gemacht, und mich kaum schlafen gelassen hat. xD

Naja, der Rest vom Tag hat jedenfalls gestimmt... hätte vielleicht Lotto spielen sollen, was ich nicht getan habe. xD

Ich hoffe euch hat dieser kleine einblick in meine Traumwelt gefallen... und ehrlich, ich hätte nichts dagegen wenn das so oder so ähnlich wirklich eintreffen würde. Wäre definitiv Mal ne Abwechslung zu meinem normalen Alltag. (Aber dann am Ende mit ein bisschen mehr Zeit mit den Mädels. Freundschaften schließen, Party Feiern, mit Twilight reden und vielleicht ein bisschen Mare. xD )

Naja, ich wünsch euch ein schönes Wochenende und eine gruselige Nightmare Night. ;-)
The Bird of Hermes is my Name,
eat my Wings to make me tame.

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Re: Story - ein seltsamer Traum.

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